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What Alem Power Would You Have?


When I first made a quiz for my book, all my friends went wild at the prospect. Something about taking quizzes creates excitement. Unfortunately, the quiz process is time consuming and a little exhausting, so I don't plan on making them often. 

Click the link below to access the Alem Powers quiz. 

Below, I have also included descriptions of the different powers as well as information about the Ieta and Alem in general.


A race of magical beings created by the gods to protect humans from the evil god Trusde There are seven unique Alem types: Riort, Anche, Toim, Irahn, Yadalm, Vibrem, and Orace. 



A rare type of Alem, who only appears in times of great need to protect not only humans, but also the Alem.

Powers: has all seven Alem power types, so all the strengths that come with each one, extreme power

Limitations: only one Ieta can exist at a time, ostracized by their Alem counterpoints, all the weaknesses and limitations that come with each Alem power

Riort tat.jpg


An Alem type with nearly impenetrable skin and heightened fighting capabilities.

Powers: natural fighting skills, heightened strength, quick reflexes, easy to pick up skills, nearly impenetrable skin

Limitations: anger issues, internal bleeding, superiority-complexes

Irahn Tat.png


An Alem type that can manipulate the natural elements to their will.

Powers: earth bending, fire bending, air bending, water bending, connection to the natural elements, multiple element control, certain resistance to different elements

Limitations: certain elements can be more difficult to control, element backlash during usage

Anche Tat.jpg


An Alem type that can manipulate their physical appearances to some degree or transform into other animals.

Powers: partial animal shape-shifting, partial human shape-shifting, modification, heightened instincts, pack strength

Limitations: unable to alter the eyes, pack mentality, new form is hard to maintain over long periods, but there is also potential to become stuck in new form

Yadalm Tat.jpg


An Alem type that can create objects from their imagination within reasonable ability.

Powers: creation of objects that that the user knows exact specification and material, innate artistic skill, innate creativity 

Limitations: cannot create food, accidental duplication of objects, accidental melting of objects, miscreation, objects must already exist in the world

Toim tat.jpg


An Alem type that can teleport over various distances.

Powers: teleportation, agility, multiple transports at once, innate navigational abilities

Limitations: teleportation speed and distance varies for each Toim, potential to get injured during teleportation, potential to wind up in the wrong area

Vibrem Tat.jpg


An Alem type with heightened senses to the environment around them.

Powers: heightened hearing, heightened taste, heightened smell, heightened eyesight, heightened touch, interpersonal awareness, empathy, potential pathokinesis tendencies

Limitations: hypersensitivity, emotional, potential to be emotionally manipulated

Orace Tat.jpg


An Alem type that can predict possible future events.

Powers: potential foresight for the far future, potential foresight for the near future, potential to change the future, potential to see other realities

Limitations: the ability to see the future varies in accuracy, the ability to see the far future or short future varies, headaches, insomnia, extreme prejudice from other Alem

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