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When I first made a quiz for my book, all my friends went wild at the prospect. The first quiz I made was about the different Alem powers. This quiz is about the different magical creatures in the Alem universe, and which of four creatures should be your pet. I was happy to make a second quiz to generate more buzz for my book. Unfortunately, the quiz process is time consuming and a little exhausting, so I don't plan on making them often. 

Click the link to access the Alem Creature Pet quiz. 

Below, I have also included descriptions of the different magical creatures in the Alem books. In Rise of the Ieta, only a few of these creatures are present or mentioned. The rest of these creatures are in the the second book, which is in progress.

What Alem Creatures Should Be Your Pet?

askdra larger.png


Flying snake monsters with three barbed, knife-like tails.

If you try to cut their head off, more reappear, so cut the tail first.

fuerma larger.png


A fire-bird flamingo with long wings and a red plume atop its head. They are guardians for the gods, especially Uwa and Tyf. 

Can be destroyed with a shadow-based weapon.



An immortal manatee-turtle that is in constant strife with Ryphi to protect the realm of Eindwa and all the Manjja living within it. 

Kentir is a stoic creature who only cares about serving his goddess.

ryphi big.png


An immortal serpent with ram horns, three snake tails, and gigantic fangs. Ryphi's only purpose is to destroy the realm of Eindwa and is in constant strife with Kentir.

dohma big.png


A gigantic manta ray with glowing marks. Originally a Dowsha creature, the Dohma is a Dowsha that saved a life.

hawdir large.png


Winged deer that help non-Toim travel long distances if necessary. Kind and friendly creatures. Notable Hawdir are Gus and Blue, who helped Anne, Aaron, and Colin in Rise of the Ieta. 



Easy-going manatee-mermaids who reside in the water goddess Eindwa's realm. They are kind and take well to newcomers.

even bigger boi.png


Orange chinchillas with feathery tails and the capabilities of a flying squirrel. These creatures have been domesticated by the Alem and make adorable pets.



Terrifying shadow creatures that cling to their prey's shadow before taking over the body. 

Can only be killed with a sunblade or fire.



One of the seven Juma that watch over the Alem afterlife. The Juma have three eyes so that they may see into the soul of all those that have passed on. They decided where the dead go in the afterlife.



Vicious raccoon creatures with owl eyes and porcupine-like fur.

They are guardians for the gods, especially Uwa and Tyf. 

Can be destroyed with a sunblade, fire, or extreme light.



An otter creature with a snake lower body. The Ythens are friendly creatures, domesticated by the Alem, that love to wrap around their owners.

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