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Canada, 2019

In this most recent summer, my family decided to take a trip to Newfoundland, Canada. We had to take two flights, a short one from Baltimore to Toronto, and a much longer one to St. John's. From there, we spent the next ten days taking our own personal tour around Newfoundland. Sadly, there were no Newfoundland dogs spotted, but rumors of big one named Chief have us considering a return trip to the island.

Newfoundland was a magical place to visit! We saw waterfalls, glaciers, and plenty of rock formations. I would definitely recommend a trip if possible. Below are a selection of photos from the trip. You will notice plenty of shots with my book and I; this is because I am an unapologetic opportunist. (More on that in my European trip page.) 

Rise of the Ieta in Newfoundland

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