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June, 2018

As a child, my mother took my sisters and I to all fifty states. When each of my sisters graduated high school, my father took them to Europe. Then it was my turn to go, but unlike my sisters, I was a recently published author and I saw an opportunity. One of the things I picked up on in the months I started my business account on Instagram was that people love exotic escapes. So what's a young author to do? Obviously take her book to Europe. 

My trip lasted three weeks, featuring seven countries: 

England, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands. I fell in love with the architecture, the food, and all the wonderful memories created abroad. Down below, I have left some of my favorite pictures abroad. 

Full disclosure, my favorite countries were Iceland, Italy, and Greece (but that doesn't mean I didn't absolutely love the other countries.) Each country fulfilled some sort of dream for me. England had Stonehenge, Greece the  Parthenon, and Germany Sanssouci. The Amsterdam was a social paradise with bike lines, art museums, and beautiful canals. Venice was divine in taste and sight. Ireland is my ancestry and the Cliffs of Moher took my breath away. And finally, Iceland lures me back for its mouth-watering bread-bowl soups time and time again.

I cannot wait to return to Europe. 

I cannot wait to go on many more travels!

Rise of the Ieta Across Europe