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Progress on Book Two

Sometime in September, 2020

I told myself two weeks after Rise of the Ieta was published and the high of having my book out there dimmed that I needed to write the next book right away. If I didn't, fans would lose interest and I would become another book lost to history. So I gave myself a deadline of two years to publish the next book.

On July 19th, 2019, a year passed and I completed the first draft! It finished with thirty-three chapters and over three-hundred pages of Anne's adventures. The second book is much longer than the first (no surprise) and follows Anne into freshman year of high school.

As of June, 2020, I have received edits from my wonderful editor and am currently working on making those final adjustments to the manuscript. I have formatted my novel and in the final stages of the progress.


As of September, 2020, I am also eagerly waiting for the cover art. One of my editors is also finishing line edits and I can't wait to order my next proof. I hope to publish Mark of Trusde soon!

Great things are coming!

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