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Rise of the Ieta

Description of Book One

Exploding soap bubbles, thousands of misshapen tea cups, and still too many stairs. Welcome to the mysteries of the Alem world. As Anne Robertson comes to learn how to control her newfound powers, she finds herself more and more overwhelmed by weird gods, strange abilities, and marvelous landscapes. Thrown into a life she's not even sure she wants, Anne tries desperately to fit in and hopes that with time she will master her newfound gifts.


Unfortunately for her, a god named Trusde will break free from a centuries old imprisonment to unleash despair and destruction on everyone she has ever known. Trusde has already captured her father and now Anne, the most unlikely of heroes, and her new friends must find a way to rescue her dad and save the world from Trusde's plan.



Mark of Trusde

Description of Book Two

The magical adventure continues…  


Anne Robertson is only just getting a hang of the whole Alem thing  when Trusde—god of monsters and everything bad in the world—escapes. Now Trusde threatens to upend the world, and the Alem elders blame Anne for letting him loose. They give her one simple task: master all seven of her powers, or lose everything. Like it’s that easy! If that wasn’t bad enough, Trusde sends his most fearsome monster after Anne. Not even the gods can stand in its way.

Thankfully, Anne has friends in high places.

Not only does she have her best friends Colin and Aaron to help her navigate the strange Alem world, but Anne’s newfound sister Viseal knows a thing or two as the goddess of advice. But trouble lurks at the Xie Academy, and Anne suspects there is a traitor among the student body. Can Anne protect her classmates from danger and stop Trusde before it’s too late?



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