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C. Q. Cook

Self-published Author

Celia Q. Cook hopes to become a distinguished writer of her time. She is a 2018 graduate of George Washington Carver Center for the Arts and Technology. She is a current student at University of Maryland, studying English and Psychology. Starting fall 2020, Cook has been enrolled in the Jimenez Porter Writer's House at UMD. Drawing inspiration from the Percy Jackson series and the Harry Potter series, Cook has a strong affinity for world-building.

Cook won Gold Key awards for her short story “Fog” and an excerpt of her novel in the Scholastic Competition and an honorable mention for another short story “Mirage” for the Jack London Writing Contest. Cook is also inspired by her many travels. She has traveled to all fifty states of the U.S., seven provinces in Canada, and seven European countries.

At twelve years old, Cook created the basis for her series, which she worked on for six years. As her passion, the book series illustrates all of Cook’s signature qualities: world-building, fantasy, and flawed characters. Cook is currently working on the second installment of her series, which she hopes to publish in 2020.


The People I Could Not

Have Done it Without

Latest Achievements

August 1st, 2020

The Cook Family

Julia Sutton

Harrison Demchick

Suzanne Supplee

Rebecca Mlinek

Rachel St. Ours

Novelist Support Group (UMD)


Erica Varga

Sent Mark of Trusde for final edits.


June, 2020

Received edits on Mark of Trusde


May, 2020

Second Year Anniversary of Rise of the Ieta 


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